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The Australian property market is on fire. Sales have never been better. The latest CoreLogic Report records an annual price appreciation of 22.2% in the Australian housing market. This is the biggest increase since 1989. 

Still, as the real estate industry in Australia continues to boom. New listings in November reached the highest level since 2014, so buyers have a lot more choice. 

Yet, it can’t continue indefinitely. The CoreLogic report also forecasts a reduction in housing demand in 2022. This is a result of tighter credit controls, higher property prices, and increased listings. 

In this environment growing your real estate business will depend on your ability to generate leads. 

In today’s online world, generating leads takes some ingenuity. Top-performing real estate agents use social media marketing, content marketing, and email to inform potential buyers about their listings. 

The pandemic and the associated lockdowns have had a significant impact on residential realty. Now more than ever, buyers use virtual tours and video content to get the feel of the home before deciding which one suits their needs. Professional Brisbane real estate photography is now more important than ever.

Lead generation tips  

We’ve put together some helpful tips to help increase your prospects so that you can grow your business well after the property market softens.

Make prospecting a daily routine

Create a prospecting plan and follow the plan religiously. Making prospecting part of your routine ensures that you always have leads in the marketing pipeline. It’s easy to slack off on prospecting when sales are good. Still, to grow your business, you must ensure that you have prospects in the pipeline. This is how you’ll survive the leaner months. 

Network with purpose

Real estate agents with the right contacts can grow their business faster. Network with purpose. Take a targeted approach to find the people who can help you to develop your firm and grow your prospects. Let people know that you’re in the real estate business and create mutually beneficial partnerships with others.  Together you’ll achieve more.

Email your leads

Use email and content to show a targeted audience your knowledge of the industry. Build trust and address their pain points. When they are ready to buy/sell, your business will be top of mind and they are sure to contact you. Content published on your website and shared on social media can help to grow your brand and broaden your prospects.

Follow up on every lead

Tenacious sellers follow up on leads and they sell more. You need an efficient lead follow-up system that includes names and contacts. Keep notes of exactly what happened in each of the follow-up calls. Make sure that you have notes with clear details about each of the clients that you deal with. 

Keeping details of the clients means that you will “remember” things that other agents may miss out on. This helps to grow relationships.

Invest in a CRM system and you could automate a lot of the lead follow-up. A CRM system can help to look after your schedule and ensure that you don’t forget to follow up on time. Once you have set up your prospects in the system, you can set it up to automatically send follow-up messages or emails. 

Alternatively, your CRM could remind you to give the prospect a call. 

Drive referrals with past and current clients

One of the best and easiest ways to generate leads is to ask for referrals. Positive word of mouth will convince people to entrust their business to you. There are also ways to encourage or incentivise referrals

  • Offer gifts for referrals
  • Hand out branded brochures, pens, and other materials for prospects to refer to
  • Ask for referrals on your website
  • Above all, deliver great customer service, and remember to follow up.

Use social media for lead generation

If you’re not using social media for lead generation, you’re missing out on a huge market segment. In 2021, there are 3.78 billion people using social media across the globe. 

You should be present on at least one platform. Use it to run ads, share listings and drive leads. Find out what your competition is doing. It is often an easy way to discover what works.

There are a few ways to use social media to grow your leads. 

  • Create live video tours of your newest listings and flight them on Facebook
  • Post beautiful Brisbane real estate photography on Instagram.

Build a professional website

In today’s competitive online environment, all businesses must have a professional, well-organized, and functional website. Premium quality content will draw sellers. If your website is slow to download or difficult to navigate, visitors will quickly lose interest and move on to the next website. 

Hire the best home photographer Brisbane

When buyers start their online search for the property that suits them, they’ll find loads of beautiful properties online. Only the best professional real estate photography will draw them in. This may entice them to continue on to the walkthrough video or home 360° photography, Brisbane.  

Keep in contact with past clients

This is a longer-term strategy but it makes sense to keep in contact with clients once you’ve sold their home. Most people will sell again in around ten years. If you’ve impressed them and they know how to contact you, they are likely to use your services again. In the meantime, they may recommend you to friends and family who are ready to sell. 

After you’ve concluded a successful real estate deal, place the names of the buyers and sellers into your CRM system and automate your referrals.

Use Home Photography Services Brisbane

Take a multi-faceted approach to prospecting in real estate to grow your business. Your website should form the foundation of your marketing approach. Hire our real estate photography services Brisbane. Professional photos help to sell homes faster and at a higher price. 

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