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A professional 360° virtual tour is an essential part of selling your home quickly and at the best price. Today’s buyers won’t even step into your home unless they are convinced that it fits their lifestyle and ticks all the right boxes. 

360° virtual tours Brisbane can help to turn heads, enticing online viewers to take a closer look at your real estate. Virtual tours help build an emotional connection, ensuring that your home sells for the best price. 

Virtual tours reduce person to person contact. Yet, a 360° virtual tour means that you still benefit from a wide audience to sell your property at the best price.

Tips for your 360° Brisbane home photography

Brisbane property markets are abuzz. House prices have risen by a staggering 27.9% in the past year. If the forecasts are accurate the house prices in Brisbane will continue to outperform other major cities in Australia next year. So, it’s well worth putting in some effort to attract interested buyers to your home and compete in this market.  Once you have decided to use a 360° virtual tour to sell your Brisbane home, you can take some simple steps to ensure that your property makes the best impression on visitors. Here’s how to do it. 

Offer a narrative, tell a story of your home in the 360° virtual tour Brisbane

The 360° virtual tour of your home is your opportunity to persuade the potential buyer that your house fills their needs. Don’t waste the chance to point out all the best features. 

When we create your virtual tour, we like to start at the front door and walk through the house as you would do if you came to view the house for the first time. We will also take the viewer through the best of the outdoor areas and let them see how good your property looks from the outside. 

Prepare your home 

Paint any scruffy walls in neutral shades. Lighter shades show up best in pictures. Dark walls can make a room look smaller than it is. Clear away the clutter including things on kitchen counters and in the bathrooms. Buyers may find clutter distracting and it detracts from the home aesthetics. Clean windows, sweep floors, and clean marks off carpets. 

Stage your home  

In a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 83% of estate agents said that it was easier to sell a staged home. Staging involves rearranging furniture, removing some of it. It may include the addition of plants, flowers, and other items to improve the look of your home. Be sure to remove personal items, like photographs so that the buyers can visualize themselves in the space rather than seeing it as yours. 

Help the buyer to picture the lifestyle offered by your home  

Help the buyer to imagine a life lived in your house. If, for example, you have a great entertainment area, make it look inviting and show off all its best features. A beautiful garden, modern kitchen, and immaculate bathrooms also help to sell properties quickly and at a good price. The aim is to connect with the buyer on an emotional level. 

Get the lighting right for your home 360° virtual tour Brisbane

Lighting can change the viewer’s impression of a room. Too little light will make rooms look small and uninviting. Your 360° virtual tour will also lack flow if we don’t correct the lighting. Photographing in the day when the sun is out and curtains open offers the best lighting. Our professional photographers know their business. They will ensure that the lighting is optimised to showcase your home.

Improve the curb appeal 

It is not just the inside of the house that contributes to successful home 360° virtual photography in Brisbane. Make sure your grass is cut, the landscaping is up to scratch and the hedges trimmed. Wash down the exterior walls so that the outside of the house looks just as good as the inside.  

Optimise your tour 

Viewers use different devices. Your home 360° virtual photography in Brisbane must migrate seamlessly from laptop to smartphone and tablet. 

Give the viewer control 

Allow viewers to move through the house at will. Let them look at all the features from whichever angle they please. Buyers who spend a long time viewing your home are likely to remember it and return. 

Optimise load times and latency

No matter how good your video, viewers will move on to the next listing if yours takes too long to load or slows down mid-tour. We’ll ensure that your high-resolution pictures load quickly so we keep the viewer’s attention. 

Why you should make the best of your homes selling potential with a 360° virtual tour Brisbane

A 360° virtual tour attached to your real estate listing offers visitors an open house invitation 24/7. Because the viewer can wander through your home at his or her own pace and stop and look at features, they get a sense of ownership. A virtual tour gives the viewer an emotional connection that photos alone cannot offer. The virtual tourist can also use the tour to get input from family and friends.

Using a virtual tour ensures that by the time viewers step over your threshold, they are very interested in buying your home. This is how virtual tours can save your time and effort. 
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